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Marshmallow Tea Benefits

Drinking tea has become a very common thing to do. Some people drink tea because they enjoy the taste while others drink tea because they enjoy the health benefits that go along with that type of tea. One type of tea that is more often drank for the health benefits rather than the taste is marshmallow tea. The marshmallow tea plant is commonly found in the wet and damp areas of Europe and Africa. The plant is along and thin plant with wooly and hairy stems. There are no branches on the stems and the leaves have a rounded shape. The leaves will have between three and five lobes per leaf and the leaf will be fairly thick. While many of the marshmallow tea benefits are found in the way of drinking tea, people have used the marshmallow plant in other ways. The Romans and the Polynesians used to use the marshmallow plant in place of vegetables. They were not always able to grow vegetables or find some so they would use the marshmallow plant in its place.

Marshmallow tea has benefits that are useful for both men and women but in different ways. Regularly drinking marshmallow tea can be a good way to flush out the systems, give a boost of antioxidants to the body and enjoy a healthier quality of life.

Ulcers & Digestion

A way that men can see marshmallow tea benefits is in the area of ulcers. While both men and women can suffer from ulcers, men are more likely to suffer from ulcers and suffer from them more often. Marshmallow tea helps with many types of digestive disorders to include ulcers. The tea helps the body to repair any damage that may currently be happening to the body. Also, after prolonged marshmallow tea consumption, the tea will help the body to fend off any ulcers that may occur in the future.


Drinking this tea is also beneficial for reducing pain and inflammation particularly in the throat. Because the marshmallow is a demulcent herb, it can help soothe mucus membranes and offer a soothing moisture and relief for a dry itchy throat. It can even be used as a mouthwash for any sores that are inside the mouth or in that general area. When the tea is cooled, it can be applied topically and this can help soothe inflammation and minor wounds on the skin as well.

Kidney Stones

If you have problems with frequently occurring or painful kidney stones, marshmallow tea can help with this issue as well. Drinking this herbal remedy can help by making it easier for kidney stones to pass. If taken regularly it can also lower the chances of kidney stones developing. This is because this tea can help cleanse the kidneys, which is useful for preventing this kind of ailment from developing.


Another excellent benefit that can be derived from drinking marshmallow tea is that it can be used by nursing mothers to help encourage a low breast milk supply. Drinking this tea regularly can make breastfeeding easier and increase the flow of milk, which is a benefit for both the mother and her child as well. It is recommended however, to consult with a physician prior to adding this herbal tea to your diet to ensure that it is the best choice for you.

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